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rt Glass Manufacturing Plant

There are many producers of art glass. Visit the top art glass manufacturing companys and get some back ground on how they make their products. Look at the glass samples to choose what you would like in your project. Go inside one of the plants, it's amazing to see start to finish...

Armstrong Glass Co One of the worlds largest producers of hand mixed art glass. Almost 500 colors many 3,4,or 5 color mixes not available from other manufactures. Product color chart images are new/updated and don't look cartoonish anymore.

Chicago Art glass Well known for Tiffany style hand rolled varieties of flat glass. Lists product colors by number, no images.

Blenko Glass Hand blown glass, produce Dalle de Verre (slab glass), rondels, blanks and historical glass. Product list by number, no images

Spectrum Glass One of the largest producers. Very informative site, and easy to navigate. Product list by number and superlative color chart images.

Uroboros Specialty manufacturing. Known for developing unique glass. They have Tiffany repos, fusible, architectural and blown glass. Product list by type, number, and images

Wissmach Glass They offer vivid colors for flowers, foliage and subtle colors to join them together. Their colors are indistinguishable from the glass used in early Tiffany studio mosaics. Product list by type number, and images which are cartoonish an don't do justice to the glass

Kokomo Oldest maker of stained glass in the world. This is where Tiffany got his glass. They have a FAQ page, links, gallery and more..lots of info here. Product list by type, number and color chart

Youghiogheny Hand rolled authentic Tiffany reproductions. Product list by use, number and color chart

Glashuette Lamberts One of the few remaining mouth blown sheet glass producers in the world. They have a nice page on how glass is made. Product list by type and cartoonish images

Dichro Magic Dichroic glass is some of the most beautiful.... but very expensive. Product list by type,and coating color code. Nice featured artist page.

Enjoy the art glass plant. Choose another room in my studio to continue your tour !

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