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tained glass lady living

I am a retired US Navy Chief Hull Technician. I started making stained glass May 1998. There are quit a few stained glass web pages with artists that have 10+ years experience. I have yet to see any "new artist" sites in this medium. So here it is. Those of you just starting out or wish to become stained glass artists.... I hope this site gives you the confidence to get right on out there and do it.

I live in southern California. Stained glass is a part time job and hobby. I make a living on real estate investments. I share my home with two dogs; Bionka a 17 yr old yorkie/shitzu mix, Tasha a 2 yr old shitzu mix and four ducks Fred, Wilma, Buff, and Mutt. I am a gardening addict and plant something where I can find a patch of ground that the plant will fit in. Needless to say I am running out of space. My old '66 short bed, side step Chevy truck has proved useful to toodle around town hauling my tools and supplies .... some day I will have it lookin like new.

This page will grow in time. See a few samples of my stained glass work Photos, compliments of Roy.san, his camcorder, and dishplayer.

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Enjoy my living quarters. Choose another room in my studio to continue your tour !

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