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You will find an abundant supply of art glass, supplies, accessories, videos, books, monthly specials, patterns and projects in the stained glass store. You may purchase them on line if you choose to. I have not used any of these resources so I can not vouch for any of them. The free patterns are here for the taking... enjoy.

Glass Crafter They have a wide variety of glass and supplies. Their on line catalog has an extensive selection of instructional videos and books; a wide variety of patterns, projects and monthly specials.

Stained Glass by Kinuko Laskey  A few FREE patterns to foil or lead for beginners. A very nice tutorial and photos of glass working tools.

Stained glass web mart Over 150 items. They sell large selection of products. FREE patterns, glue chip tutorial and putty recipe.

Stained glass warehouse Large on line catalog including photos of their products. If you can't find it here you don't need it. Plus a message board, glass talk and a basic foil tutorial.

Dodge Studio They have patterns for lanterns, sun catchers, and glass working tips. FREE MONTHLY pattern the other patterns must be purchased.

Warner-Crivellaro FREE Patterns... Nice pattern selection, full size ready to print off the screen. Foil or lead the sun catchers and panels. Valentines, panel lamp shades, fairie, quilts, nite lights, flowers, birds, halloween, pennsylvania dutch, cartoonish animals, Christmas and more.

A Pane in the Glass FREE Patterns... assortment of sun catchers and panels. Most look real easy to make a good beginners selection

AANRAKU FREE Patterns.... sun catchers and panels down loadable in PDF format. Nice patterns for more advanced or intermediate artists.

Art Glass World FREE Patterns... mosaic mirror frames. Sun catchers or stepping stone: lilly, humming bird, morning glory, "bevels and bandsaws", holly 6 sided panel lamp, heart mosaic tile/coaster, kitty panel, parrot panel and more...

Art Glass Source FREE Pattern... cone 6 sided panel lamp

Black Horse Studio FREE Patterns... horse panels or sun catchers. Click on image for full size, down loadable.

Brother dug FREE Patterns... down loadable full size patterns, mostly Christian some Jewish. This site changed and is currently running java script. Brother dug told me there wold be a non java mirror site soon.

Cole Publishing Stepping stone FREE PATTERN, light house, flowers, humming birds, butterfly and a few more... Patterns are not free but, good for ideas if you don't want to spend the money.

Daniel M. German FREE Pattern... Full size foiled vase. Down loadable in PDF. Good beginners project

Dragonfly FREE Patterns... This site offers a program derived from "the glass eye", a windows 95/98 program; allows viewing of professionally designed patterns, change them to suit your needs and print them. It's free down load from this site. I don't know what's on it or if it's any good as "Webtv" doesn't have the capability to use this program :-(. If you go there ... Let me know if the link is worth keeping.

Stained glass Biz Free Patterns.... A few leaded windows. Draw them yourself or print and get them enlarged to the size you want

Castle Stained Glass Over 900 varieties of glass in stock from the top glass manufacturers. Sold by the square ft, can be purchased from 1/2 sqft up to full stock sheets and scrap by color, Tools of all shapes and sizes.

Spectrum GlassFREE Patterns... 15 sets of over 130 down loadable sun catchers or panels. Too many to list the types.

More from Spectrum GlassFREE PATTERNS... many are 3D. Download the one you like.

Enjoy the store. Choose another room in my studio to continue your tour !

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