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Come in, look around, and make yourself comfortable in the stained glass studio.

There are a variety of glass rooms you may wish to venture into. The Stained Glass Studio is for any one interested in art glass... to learn, share or buy. There's something here for everyone.

Enjoy the tour. Please take a moment to sign my guest book before leaving.

The corresponding letter to the left of the room description will take you to the glass room you wish to visit.

Visit the gallery let the beauty and magic of this art form take you where you wish to be... or where you've never been.

Step into the library learn basic how to, share information in a chat room, product info, where & when the shows or events are, tech talk and more

Enter the art glass processing plant. See who's who in the manufacturing world. Top 9 producers with samples, color charts & number lists. Look at a spectrum of glass or Check out how it's made

Drop by the store. Find all the supplies you'll ever want or need. You name it: tools, books, videos, hardware, glass, gadgets, projects, and free patterns

Look in the Stained Glass Lady's living quarters.Find out about me, Photos of my stained glass work, Other hobbies and interests: gardening, realestate, dogs, ducks, Chevy truck, Gulf War Vet help, and Military with links to them.

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Click on the credits to see other resources used to create these pages that are not listed below. THANK YOU ALL !!

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