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As the art glass hobby has grown, so has information, innovative techniques, and glass products.

The stained glass library contains step-by-step construction technics, tips, and explanations of processes that lead the craftsman through the choices, dilemmas, and triumphs of glass working.

Chat with the pros, join a web ring, and watch for updates of Spectrum Glass's News Letter.

The library is an indispensable tool for artists to discuss and learn new techniques, so that beginners and advanced craftsmen may profit from their examples.

< A HREF="/~IRIDESA/studio/news.html">Spectrum Glass News Letter Currently waiting for the new issue

Alpine Glass Tech tips: how to tell if your cutter is chipped, apply filagree, and cut front sided mirror

7th Street 2torial  Learn to make stained glass. The foil method.

Tutorial Center  Kersey's Glass Works glue chipping tutorial.

Stained Glass by Kinuko Laskey  Excellent step by step tutorial to learn the foiling process, beginner patterns and good photos of tools needed for glass work.

PFG Building Glass The history of stained glass.

The Craft of Stained Glass Good "how to site". Learn the basics on line. Find a studio near you with the studio locator, product info, tech talk, where/when events and hobby shows are happening.

Question N Answer Board The Store Finder stained glass message board has lots of posts with useful information. Have a glass related question... go there and ask.

The Stained Glass Artists Professional site for artists. Join the web ring, check out the gallery or participate in the saturday evening chat.

Mikes Stained Glass How-to page, projects, easy to navigate link pages that never end, lots of tips and tid bits. You can find it all here.

Scotts Stained Glass Plenty of how-to's, tech tips and a message board.

Stained Glass Association of America Publisher of Stained glass magazine.

International Guild of Glass Artists Glass chat, find an artist near you, books on most types of glass crafts, news letter, Common Ground glass magazine.

The Glass Library On line source for books and videos.

Tashiro's Tech page How to make a lamp/ panel. Descriptive with photos. These are "his" methods

Price Your Glass Not sure how much your work is worth ? Get an idea... Somewhere in Times' How glass work is priced.

Transparent Dreams Glass Studio How to identify good craftsmanship from the bad. Specifics on what to look for in quailty craftsmanship of foil or leaded pieces.

Amazon books I recommend the Chilton Glassworking series "How to work in stained glass" by Anita & Seymour Isenberg. If you learn by reading this is an outstanding book. A superlative work shop reference guide.

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